Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Interior fire damage.

Residential Fire Damage in Clayton

This home in Clayton, MO, suffered from a significant loss after a fire broke out and destroyed the home. Our SERVPRO of Clayton/Ladue team handled the whole fire damage cleanup and restoration process.

Two employees standing in front of a green van while it's snowing.

All Day Everyday

Commercial Fire Damage

All nighters are worth it to get this business back to its preloss condition! A commercial building caught on fire during after hours. First responders arrived, and then we got the call. SERVPRO of Clayton/Ladue is always ready.

Three green SERVPRO vans parked on the other side of the street.

Nothing is Overlooked with SERVPRO

We are able to meet all of your home's specific needs. Whether it may be an overlooked spot of water damage that turned into mold. Or a fire that took place in your kitchen and caused soot damage

Kitchen floor with two green air movers.

Fire, Water, Air

These are the elements used in firesmoke, and water restoration. SERVPRO of Clayton/Ladue are the masters at restoring any element that may harm your property! Our team members are highly trained and ready to go at every moment! 

How to clean up after soot damage?

SERVPRO was called to help clean up this Glendale home after a small fire caused a lot of soot throughout the house. SERVPRO has a dry cleaning technique that helps remove the soot and clean back to pre loss condition. 

Commercial Fire Loss

This commercial property suffered from significant smoke and fire damage.  SERVPRO responded and used special cleaning techniques to remove the stained area.  For your fire restoration clean up contact us anytime 24/7.

Parking Garage Fire Damage

SERVPRO of Clayton / Ladue responded to this fire loss in a parking garage with lots of smoke and soot damage.  They quickly began professionally cleaning the smoke stain. They had to bring in heaters to unfreeze the water and began drying the water from the fire fighting. 

Fire Damage – Clayton

Fire damage restoration in Clayton and the surrounding area doesn’t have to rely on historical cleaning methods. Shown here is the latest technology in ultrasonic cleaning which allows SERVPRO of Clayton/Ladue to treat and return to original condition a larger percentage of damaged items than ever before.

Clayton Smoke and Fire Damage

This scorched bedroom was also filled with an acrid smoky odor. We set up several hydroxyl generators to help eliminate the odors along with air scrubbers to capture particulates in the air and hidden in crevices. We then started to wipe down the walls with dry sponges to begin fire damage restoration.   

Oakland Fire and Smoke Restoration

The burning of wood in this fireplace was not correctly set up, and this lead to a smoky problem in the living area of this Oakland home. The owners did extinguish the flames and removed the smoldering wood to the outside. This mitigated our work of wiping down the walls and ceiling with our special sponge tools. We used a fogger to deodorize the area to complete the job.

Fire Damage in Glendale

This fire-ravaged home in Glendale required extensive demolition before we could deal with the smoke issue. Our SERVPRO technicians boarded up the sliding doors to secure the house. Since the owners were forced to vacate their home we used ozone machines to begin to deodorize the structure.

Fire Damage – Clayton Home

Fire damage decimated this Clayton, MO home. The fire was so severe that it completely blew out the glass in the pictured doors. They are shown boarded up in the photo. If fire damage affects your home or commercial facility, call SERVPRO of Clayton / Ladue 24/7 at (314) 863-4555. We proudly offer 24-hour emergency service.