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Defending Against the Onslaught: Flood Barriers and Sandbags in Action

5/13/2024 (Permalink)

Floods can strike with little warning, causing widespread damage to homes, businesses, and communities. When facing the relentless force of rising waters, effective flood defense becomes paramount. Among the arsenal of tools, flood barriers and sandbags stand as stalwart guardians, offering a frontline defense against nature's fury. In this blog, we'll explore the effectiveness of these techniques and shed light on how SERVPRO of Clayton/Ladue plays a crucial role in flood recovery.

Understanding Flood Barriers: A Modern Shield

Flood barriers are engineered structures designed to prevent or redirect the flow of water, acting as a formidable defense against inundation. These barriers come in various forms, from portable barricades to permanent installations, each tailored to the unique needs of the area they protect. Some common types of flood barriers include:

Levees and Dikes

These earthen embankments are strategically constructed along rivers and coastlines to contain and redirect floodwaters. SERVPRO® has expertise in flood recovery, often involving addressing the aftermath of breaches in these protective structures.

Flood Walls

Vertical barriers made of concrete or other materials, flood walls shield urban areas from rising waters. When these structures face damage, SERVPRO steps in with efficient restoration to minimize the impact on the community.

Portable Flood Barriers

These versatile barriers are often used for temporary flood protection. SERVPRO's experience in disaster recovery includes assisting communities in deploying and managing portable barriers during flood emergencies.

The Timeless Efficacy of Sandbags

While flood barriers provide a robust defense, the simplicity, and accessibility of sandbags make them a timeless and effective tool in flood mitigation. Here's how sandbags contribute to flood defense:

Absorption and Weight

Sandbags are filled with sand or soil, creating a heavy barrier that absorbs and redirects water. This simple yet effective method is often employed in emergencies, and SERVPRO teams are equipped to assist in the aftermath.


Sandbags can be strategically stacked to create protective walls around properties, redirecting water away from vulnerable areas. SERVPRO's expertise extends to mitigating water damage post-flood, including the removal and restoration of sandbag-protected structures.

Swift Deployment

In the face of impending floods, speed is crucial. SERVPRO's rapid response teams are well-versed in assisting communities with the efficient deployment of sandbags to protect properties.

When floods breach defenses, SERVPRO stands ready to assist in the recovery process. Our trained professionals are equipped to:

1. Assess Damage

SERVPRO teams assess the extent of flood damage, including structural and content damage, and develop a comprehensive plan for restoration.

2. Water Extraction

Utilizing advanced equipment, SERVPRO extracts standing water to minimize further damage and prevent mold growth.

3. Structural Drying and Dehumidification

Swift and thorough drying of affected structures is paramount in preventing long-term damage. SERVPRO employs state-of-the-art techniques to ensure a complete restoration.

4. Content Restoration

SERVPRO restores damaged contents, including documents, furniture, and personal belongings, utilizing specialized techniques to salvage items whenever possible.

5. Mold Remediation

The aftermath of flooding often includes the risk of mold growth. SERVPRO addresses mold issues promptly, implementing effective remediation strategies.

In conclusion, flood barriers and sandbags play pivotal roles in mitigating the impact of floods, offering valuable protection to homes and businesses. SERVPRO's commitment to flood recovery extends beyond the initial response, ensuring communities can rebuild and restore normalcy in the wake of disaster. As nature tests our defenses, the combined efforts of flood mitigation tools and expert restoration services stand as a formidable force against the rising tide.

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