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Water Should Not Be Where??

6/25/2018 (Permalink)

Basement flooding can be an overwhelming and baffling sight for a homeowner, though it is often expected considering a basement’s reputation for holding moisture. Water in a crawl space typically raises less concerns, which can be a major mistake, as it can lead to similar damage.

Sources of Crawl Space Water

If you have noticed you have a wet crawl space, there may be several possible causes:

• Ruptured water lines: Inside of the home, the water from any pipe that has burst will trickle downward and eventually pool in the crawl space. To detect this situation, look for obvious wet spots in the home. If a leak is suspected but cannot be located, contact a plumbing service.
• Overwatering flowers and other plants: This human error is a common cause of a wet crawl space. It can create an excess water source that many homes are not built to handle, especially when water hoses are simply left running. For prevention, be sure that soil is equipped with base layers.
• Gutter and downspouts: A clogged gutter or improper downspout aim can quickly create a flood in the crawlspace. When the downspout faces the wrong way, storms eventually wash away the soil and direct water to the crawl space. Also, if a storm drain pipe has ruptured, water often backs up into the crawl space.
• Incorrect landscape grading: Proper slope grade is critical in keeping water out of the crawl space. After the ground thaws each spring, check for any shifts in the home’s structure.

Dealing With the Water

One of the most effective and quickest ways of removing water from a crawl space is to pump it out and finish with a wet vac. If you do not have the equipment for this, professionals at water restoration can help.

A wet crawl space in Clayton, MO is a common occurrence. It can lead to many of the same problems as a wet basement, including mold formation and structural damage, so it should not be overlooked. Remember that contacting a professional to fix and prevent these problems is often the surest and safest option.

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