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The Best Water Damage Restoration

4/25/2017 (Permalink)

The Best Water Damage Restoration

Flood damage caused by major storms will often result in water damage that can later cause problems for you and your house. If water cleanup is done correctly and the water in your home is removed as quickly as possible, your home will have completed a water damage restoration that is safe and sanitary. Water in your business can be taken care of too.

Water in The Business of Carrying Pathogens

Depending if the water in your home is from flood damage or is  from another source, the water could be contaminated with pathogens. All water and dampness in a humid atmosphere is a breeding ground for mold and is not taking care of they can spread throughout the rest of the building.


Mitigation of these issues includes a full water damage restoration from any flood damage that has left water in your home. Water damage must be dealt with by properly drying an area and removing humidity. Many professionals remove moisture and water in a home for a living. If you have some severe water damage, hire somebody who knows a lot about water cleanup.

Tips for Removing Water In a Home

Before going in a building with flood damage make sure you cut all power. An expert at water cleanup can properly identify anything that should be thrown away. Objects with porous materials will likely need to be thrown out if they have come in contact with contaminated water. This type of material traps moisture, helping grow microbes. Remove these items and try drying them out if they aren't soaked. The sun and the air movement will both help the drying process.

Complete Water Damage Restoration

With all your belongings out of the way, begin removing all the water in the home. A pump, wet/dry shop vac, a mop, and a squeegee are also you can use for water cleanup. When you have removed as much water as you can, you should acquire a dehumidifier and some fans that can direct air movement exactly where it's needed.

Having Water in a Business

Having water in a business can be taken care of the same way. If water is left to sit on the foundation of your building it can make it a less secure structure.

Drying all of the carpets as well as you can with a fan that produces strong air movement is the key to the mitigation of the diseases associated with water damage in the home. There is no mitigation if you do not accurately complete this step when cleaning after flood damage. No water damage restoration is complete without a solid water cleanup and some strong air movement to remove moisture. Visit http://www.SERVPROclaytonladue.com for more information on water damage restoration.

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