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Dealing with a Water Loss in Clayton, MO

3/24/2017 (Permalink)

Handling a Water Loss in Clayton, MO

One of the most daunting disasters that can befall a home or business in Clayton, Missouri is water damage. A small pipe damage that causes leaking of water in a home or spilling water in business office can cause some serious damage if the necessary mitigation measures are not taken. If water cleanup is not done immediately in one’s Ladue, MO home or business, then consequences of the flood damage will not be merciful to one’s space. Some of the effects include bad smell, mold growth and wrap and rot of materials – especially wooden materials. The damages become adverse within just a few days.
Flood Insurance Claims

If one’s Clayton, MO home or the business has been insured against flood damage, the first thing to do is to contact the insurance company immediately. The insurance company will cater for the restoration costs if the claims are approved. In case the insurance company refuses to cater for the restoration cost, or if one had not insured their property against damage caused by water, then they should contact a water restoration company immediately.

Stop the water source

After noticing water in home or water in business that is causing flood damage, it is important that the mitigation measures are taken immediately to avoid further damage. The first thing to do is to identify the source of the water (if it is artificial) and stop the leak. Most of the time it’s the plumbing system that has broken down or taps that have been left to run. If the source is not stopped, then the drying will not happen. Therefore, identify the source quickly and prevent more water from spilling.
In case the water leak is near or has interfered with the electrical system, ensure that the power source is switched off first before going into contact with the water. This is to avoid one being electrocuted since water is a good conductor of electricity.

Remove dry items first then the wet items

Remove the dry items first especially those that can get wet easily when exposed. Put the dry items in a dry place. Follow with the soaked items. Remove those items that are already wet to prevent them from soaking in more water. Put them in a dry place with good air movement to facilitate drying.
Take pictures

Make a point of documenting everything that has been damaged. Take as many photos as possible and possibly videos. A documentation of the source of water should, also, be done. The necessary documentation will come in handy when making your claim to the insurance company. It provides proof of what really happened allowing you to save yourself the restoration costs.
Get rid of the water

The means to use here really depends on with one’s preference and the amount of water. If the water is a lot, one can use a pump or call a water extraction company. If the water is little, one can get rid of the water using a bucket or a rug. In case the home or business had an insurance claim, then the insurance company can cater for the extraction process.
Let the affected sections dry

After eradicating the water, use a dehumidifier and fans to dry the affected areas. Ensure that the place is well ventilated and that the air movement is excellent. Opening windows and any other outlets that facilitate the flow of air currents allow for the areas to dry much faster. Try as much as possible to eliminate all areas that could foster the growth of mold.


After the drying process is complete, disinfect the home or the business space with an effective disinfectant. Bacteria and other harmful organisms always look for the perfect conditions to thrive and a water damage creates just that kind of environment. A powerful but non-toxic disinfectant applied to the affected areas will help kill the bacteria and prevent them from spreading any further.
Prevent Mold Damage

One of the reasons one should get a water restoration company to handle the restoration process is that they are well-equipped to counter the slightest possibility of mold developing. An effective company with efficient professionals will know the most probable places mold is likely to develop and take measures against the same. Mold can cause significant damage to one’s Ladue, MO home or business resulting in further damage to property. Other than damage to property, the mold spores can cause serious health problems, especially for asthmatic persons.
Mold control should not stop after just one round of disinfection. It should be aggressively done weeks and even months after the damage. This can be done by use of dehumidifiers and air conditioning to remove moisture whenever possible, maintaining an effective and efficient ventilation system and reduce activities that result in accumulation of moisture indoors.
Responsible disposal of damaged items

Some items may be damaged beyond salvation. While one can just gather up all the damaged items and throw them in a dumpster, it is wiser and more responsible if these items are organized and those that cannot be recycled to be disposed off at the right location. Those that can be recycled can be taken to a recycling center.
Maintenance of water systems at home and work

After all the damage has been countered, it is time to ensure that the same occurrence does not recur in future. The best way of ensuring this is by conducting regular maintenance of the plumbing systems. Ensure that there are no leaks anywhere. Also, ensure that the moisture level is not excessive to facilitate the growth of molds. Also, develop a practice of ensuring that no taps are left running if not in use. In case people are leaving home, all taps should be fastened to ensure that no flooding occurs.
In case the home or business does not have an insurance cover against damage caused by water, it is best to seek one for future convenience.
The Missouri water cleanup company that one seeks should be effective enough to handle the restoration process. The technicians should not only be knowledgeable and work professionally but should, also, have the right certification for the job. The best companies to handle the restoration process are those recommended by one’s insurance company. They, also, should have the latest water restoration equipment and techniques for effectiveness. Visit http://www.SERVPROclaytonladue.com for more information on water damage and restoration services.

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