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Handling a Water Loss in Clayton, MO

2/21/2017 (Permalink)

Handling a Water Loss in Clayton, MO

Clayton, Missouri is home to a little over 15,000 people and it is a suburb within the greater St. Louis area. This city is an affluent suburb within St. Louis and it is also prone to flooding.

The residents of St. Louis are sometimes exposed to the hardships that flood waters create. St. Louis is not necessarily an area of the country that is known for heavy rains. However, if there are heavy rains over a short period of time, it will cause the rivers to swell and flooding to occur.

Average snow fall within this part of Missouri is around 8-inches. However, during some seasons it can get much higher than this if conditions are right to produce this type of effect. Once this excessive amount of snow melts or if the rain causes the nearby rivers to swell; flooding will take place.

Most homeowners who live in this area are well off. The average home within this section of St. Louis is around $650,000. Many of these homes are historical structures that have been a part of the city and neighborhoods for a very long time. The last thing that local homeowners within this part of town wants is to have them ruined by flood damage.

One way that residents within this suburb prepare for flooding is by having a flood mitigation company on hand and by purchasing flood insurance. When a flood takes place within their section of town, they will then be prepared to resolve the issue by using their flood insurance and by utilizing the services of a flood restoration company.

How can a flood mitigation company help to keep expensive and historically important structures in tact? Well, they would use a process to complete the job.

        First, they will evaluate a structure to ensure that it can be saved. This is important, because if flood waters have shifted the foundation of a structure or caused a crack; then a home might not be suitable to be inhabited. Even if it has been properly cleaned after a flood.

*Keep in mind that a homeowner inside of Clayton might want to consider letting go of their home and starting over if the damage is real extensive. That is why an inspection is often necessary before the cleaning process begins. Again, insurance is often necessary in these types of situations because it can help a homeowner to obtain new housing.

•        If a home is left in good standing after a flood, then it can be properly cleaned. The owner can then move back inside of them once the cleaning process is complete.

•        Most flood restoration companies will remove water in home by pumping it out. They have special pumps that can efficiently and quickly remove large amounts of water away from a home out into the environment.

        After water in home has been removed, the company will then use large fans or other drying machines to eliminate the moisture out of a structure. Air movement is important for restoring a home after a flood has occurred. Air movement and circulation helps to prevent mold and bacteria from forming into the walls. If this happens, a person will not be able to live safely inside of their residence.

•        While the residence is drying out; flood restoration professionals will remove all carpeting and other material based flooring. Once again bacteria and mold will be a problem if they do not.

*They will also take out any debris or sewage that is usually present after a flood occurs. Furniture will also be removed as well and people should not try to save it after it has been exposed to raw sewage and other materials that are usually present within flood waters.

        The next step will be to disinfect the home. Water cleanup is important because there is usually a lot of germs and unwanted material within flood water. So, disinfecting a home is crucial to keeping people from getting sick or impacting their health in the long run.

•        Once everything has been properly cleaned and the home is completely dry; people can move back inside.

Keep in mind that this process isn’t just for homes it can also be used for businesses. Water in business also happens when a flood occurs. Business owners in the area should also have insurance and use the services of a flood restoration company to deal with this type of situation.

Nearby areas such as Ladue, MO has to deal with flooding as well. Ladue, MO residents do their best to combat flood damage by utilizing the solutions outlined above. People who stay in and around the St. Louis area can also take the same actions with resolving situations involving flooding.

One advantage that wealthy residents have when it comes to dealing with flooding; is that they can protect their structures with the most advance equipment and technology. They can use waterproof coatings on the foundation of their home to prevent water from soaking into the structure. They can also add moveable barriers that can be elevated or positioned over doors once flooding occurs.

Some homeowners can even have their structures raised off the ground at least a foot to keep water out. These might not be practical solutions for all people but they do help to keep back the problems associated with flooding.

Water damage and water cleanup is no joke. People do not want to lose their homes because of a flood. A business owner does not want to have to shut down their operation because of water in business that has ruined their office or storefront. As long as people are insured and prepared they should be able to handle any water related loss.

The important thing is for the residents of Clayton to be prepared for a flood and to know what to do after it has occurred. Ultimately, they will be protecting their property and their livelihood when they have a plan of action for dealing with a situation that involves flooding. Visit http://www.SERVPROclaytonladue.com for more information on water damage.

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