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How Professional Water Damage Restoration Can Help You

8/28/2017 (Permalink)

How Professional Water Damage Restoration Can Help You

A supply line break in the home can leave carpets soaked and hardwood flooring stained from flood damage. When talking about water damage, a person wants to call a water cleanup company as soon as possible because the longer he waits on water in home, the more the damage grows. Within 48 to 72 hours, mold starts to form in the home, and if that isn't bad enough, the water damage to couches, nightstands and tables can be so devastating the people have to replace their valuables.

Why Hire a Professional Restoration Company?

A flooded home from a pipe break can cost hundreds of dollars in damage, and if the response to water cleanup after a supply line break is unprofessional, it can exasperate the problem and cost even more. A professional restoration company has dealt with water damage before, so they understand how to go about drying the excess water in home. Also, they know how to do it safely. For example, people should never wander into a water puddle close to an outlet because water is conducive to electricity, and it can send dangerous shocks.. Here's some of the benefits to hiring a professional restoration company:

Expert attention to mitigation and drying the water
Stops flood damage from happening again
A water restoration company uses specialized equipment

Water in Business: Professional Mitigation Vital

In particular, water in business can be especially damaging because business owners have all that merchandise soaking up the water and creating the perfect circumstances for mold. When customers see this, many of them will walk in and walk right back out. Businesses have to address flood damage at the source and handle the problem, or the consequences stretch beyond immediate financial losses. Water in business if not handled through professional mitigation efforts can cause financial problems for a business and making money.

How Water Cleanup Works

A flooded home will need restoration as soon as possible. When a person calls a company skilled in restoration, the first thing they will do is bring out the fans to help with drying. Water damage and restoration mainly involves fixing the source of the damage, whether it was a leaking dishwasher or a supply line break. With a supply line break, not much can be done about it, but water cleanup from a leaking dishwasher can often be resolved through the correct repairs with water in home. With a flooded home, a person has to first resolve the source of the flood damage. If, for example, the problem's root lies in a leaky roof, drying is good, but the person has to first fix the shingles on the roof causing the leak or the water in home will happen again—most professional companies know this and address it.

Professional water cleanup handles the task in a more efficient way because they have done this many times before. Oftentimes, these companies will also have special equipment that a regular person doesn't have to mitigate the effects of water damage. As soon as an individual notices flood damage, they should call the company to help with it.

Whether a flooded home or water in business, restoration from a professional company ensures the damage doesn't return. Also, a company like this will have the best knowledge on how to deal with a pipe break. With a pipe break, it can be hard to predict, and even still, harder to stop. While insurance companies normally don't cover the actual pipe break, the water damage and mitigation efforts will usually be covered under insurance. People should, however, first get acquainted with their policy to make sure they have coverage. After flood damage has occurred, individuals should call up their insurance company as soon as possible to deal with the problem at its source.
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Key Information About Professional Fire Damage Restoration

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Key Information About Professional Fire Damage Restoration

As a homeowner, you probably fear fire damage more than any other form of accident or emergency. However, when a situation arises that there is a fire in business or home, it is important to make sure that everyone has left the building and is safe. Evacuation should be followed by calling the fire department to put out the fire in home. What most people fail to realize is that the most challenging part of dealing with fire starts after the fire department has left your home. Most of the times, the homes suffer smoke damage and fire damage, coupled with water and stains from whichever firefighting efforts were made. It is recommended that you calla restoration company as soon as the firefighters have left to start the fire damage restoration process.

The inspection and assessment of the fire in business or home extent

The process starts with an inspection aimed at figuring out the extent of the commercial fire damage or fire in home damage. The restoration experts will, first of all, make sure that the building is safe to enter, then they will inspect all the rooms and evaluate the state of the building. The amount of soot damage and fire in home or fire in business destruction that has occurred is what will guide them in coming up with an action plan. Part of the initial evaluation may include measures such board up and tarping the roof. Board up is aimed at making sure that these structures do not collapse if they were weakened by the fire in business and also to prevent further soot damage to the interior of the house.

Removal of water and drying

Most of the times after the board up, unless the commercial fire damage was caused by an electric fault, the firefighters will use water to extinguish and prevent further fire damage. The huge amounts of water used in the process create another problem, that of water and soot damage. The restoration team will assess the level of water still stagnated in the room, and do an extraction. After all the water has been removed, they will proceed to look for ways in which they can dry and dehumidify the walls and floors. Note that when moisture is left in hidden corners of the home, mold will start growing, creating another problem altogether.

Removing smoke smell and soot from all surfaces

The next step in the process will be a fire cleanup to remove smoke smell and soot damage. After a fire, the surfaces that are normally worst affected by smoke damage and soot are the walls, ceilings and all wooden structures such as kitchen cabinets and wardrobes in the bedrooms. The restoration company has cleaning techniques which are very effective in the removal of the soot and smoke damage from all the surfaces, leaving the house as clean as it was before the commercial fire damage. In addition to this, there is an unpleasant smoke smell that is left behind by smoke damage and fire. The fire damage restoration company uses deodorizers in fire cleanup to remove the smoke smell.

Fire cleanup and sanitizing

It is likely that the furniture, upholstery and even structures such as sinks, bathtubs, and others will have suffered a substantial amount of contamination during the fire in home and extinguishing efforts. The commercial fire damage restoration company will do fire cleanup on all the equipment, furniture and structures inside the house and try as much as they can to take it back to its state before the fire damage.

Those are some of the services that you can expect from a restoration company. The last and the most important step in the process is the restoration itself. The process involves processes such as repainting parts of walls where the paint was consumed by the fire, removing smoke smell, installing new wall paper where it got burnt, replacing carpets and dry walls and at times, even reconstruction of various rooms in the home. When you have a qualified fire damage restoration company handling the process for you, you do not need to worry about the outcome of the process. You can be assured that the restoration company will do a great job of fire cleanup, removing the excess water and repairing the entire system. Take time and select a reliable commercial fire damage company for the best board up,fire damage and restoration services.
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Tips on Lessening Mold Growth

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Tips on Lessening Mold Growth

As home owners, there are many issues that we may face in an effort to maintain the integrity of the property, and unfortunately, there is a wide array of issues that may occur without warning. One of the most common, and regrettably, most costly issues that may arise is mold growth, particularly black mold.

Mold growth is often unexpected, and because mildew and fungus can grow at an exponential rate, often taking only a few days to create a serious problem, such as dry rot. Mildew and fungus buildup can occur any place that has consistent moisture, such as a leaky drain pipe or standing water. When dealing with mold damage and mold removal, the first step is usually to contact your insurance company in order to get them up to speed. When speaking with your insurance company concerning mold removal and mold damage, it is necessary to detail the issue as thoroughly as possible in order to increase the chances of mold damage mitigation. Once you have contacted your local insurance company, the mold removal and remediation process can begin. Your insurance company will normally work hand in hand with a commercial mold damage removal company in your area and should be able to recommend a company that can adequately complete the commercial mold damage process. When searching for a restoration company for commercial mold damage removal, it is imperative that you gain a full understanding of the services that they provide, as some companies may only be required to assess and treat the mildew, black mold, and fungus buildup, but may not be required by law to treat the residual damages caused by the mold growth. The deodorization process should also be discussed, as it may vary from company to company.

In order to take on the extra repairs, the restoration company that you choose must be licensed by the state of origin. Remember, the insurance company, as well as the restoration company, both work for you, so detailing the situation as thoroughly as possible, as well as gaining a full understanding of each party’s responsibility, including your own, will help to increase the chances of mold damage mitigation.

Mold growth, due to its unpredictable nature, can occur nearly anywhere in the home, and black mold, fungus, as well as mildew, can create many side-effects, including smelly odor that may complicate remediation. At times, this smelly odor will be discovered prior to the black mold itself, indicating that there may be mold growth behind a wall or mold growth in an area that is blocked by natural barriers to the home. If there is mold growth behind the wall or another barrier, this could lead to separate issues, including increased costs from a leaking roof or pipe. If there is suspected mold growth behind a wall, due to smelly odor, this should be detailed when you discuss your situation with the insurance company and the restoration company to decrease the time table for remediation and for mitigation. Smelly odor can be a sign of mold growth behind the wall or could be a sign of a more serious problem, such as dry rot. While dry rot is often a problem that occurs over time, it can lead to structural failure in your home or business; issues that will almost certainly lead to the need for a company separate from the commercial mold damage removal company to complete your needs. Once dry rot begins to set in, time becomes a more considerable factor and the possibility for mitigation decreases ever the more.

When dealing with mold in the home, one of the final steps necessary is the deodorization of the premises. Depending on the level of black mold in the home, the deodorization process will vary, and the company that you choose is also a factor. Mold in the home should always be addressed by professionals, especially when dealing with deodorization, as normal household treatments are usually not very effective, only masking the odors. With mold in the home, mold removal and remediation can be a stringent process that is very time sensitive.
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The Need for Professional Water Damage Restoration

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The Need for Professional Water Damage Restoration

When pipe break or supply line break occurs, or when a storm hits an area, water in home or water in business can quickly become a problem.

Water damage restoration is the process of cleaning and drying a flooded home or business, to return it back to its original condition. It prevents further damage by taking fast, appropriate actions. Let the water cleanup professionals at a reliable restoration company get your business or home back to normal as quickly as possible.

Flood damage and water in home or business can cause a significant amount of damage to a home, business and personal belongings. Water mitigation is needed after a pipe break, a supply line break, plumbing failures or when flood damage occurs in a home or business. Soaked rugs, ruined furniture, warped flooring and damaged walls are only the beginning if water cleanup is not engaged quickly.

Specific steps are taken to minimize property destruction, to prevent additional water or flood damage and to restore the property to its pre-damage state.

Get It Done Right

If an unfortunate disaster like supply line break, pipe break, flooded home or water in business does happen to you, seek professional service from a restoration company. Make sure to act quickly when flooded home or water in business is discovered and contact a trusted restoration company for the most effective water cleanup and drying.

Mitigation professionals can quickly pinpoint what items in the home or business are compromised by water damage. Items like pillows, mattresses, particle board, and box springs trap more moisture than other materials and may need to be discarded. A business or home owner can prepare for professional water cleanup and drying by getting discarding these items prior to the arrival of the technicians, but make sure the items are properly recorded and itemized for insurance purposes before disposing.

Steps taken by professionals as soon as they are contacted for water in home or business or water damage mitigation:

Inspection: The first step mitigation professionals take is to thoroughly inspect the flooded home or business and determine the extent of the damage. They also check for pipe break and supply line break. Each inspection defines the class and category of flood damage and helps outline the most effective way to restore the property.

Water Removal: Water damage restoration begins with water removal. This is the process where all excess water is extracted from the property. They use high-powered wet/dry vacs and pumps and to get the job done. This process includes removing carpeting, furniture and other items from the affected area so they can be dried and cleaned. They will also haul away items that need to be discarded due to excessive damage.

Structural Drying: Once water removal has been completed, the next step in the water remediation process is structural drying. Dehumidifiers and high quality machines are used to dry anything that can be saved. Heavy-duty fans are strategically placed throughout the property for optimal results. Professionals also know how to get into every hard to reach areas to make sure it is completely dry.

Cleaning and Odor Removal: Special cleaners and disinfectants are used to sanitize the area. This removes all odors and leave only a fresh, light scent behind. The clean scent of the cleaning materials is not overpowering and it doesn't just cover up the bad smell of flood damage.

Restoration: After the cleaning, drying and sanitation have been completed, the repair or reconstruction work can begin. This process may mean roof repair or re-tiling or painting or rebuilding walls or floors.


Water in home, water in business, pipe break or flood damage can cause valuable objects to become permanently damaged, if mitigation is delayed. Don’t trust just anyone to handle water damage restoration. It is recommended to contact a restoration company with a team of certified water cleanup professionals.
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How to Save Money After a Fire

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How to Save Money After a Fire

Have you recently experienced fire damage to your home or business?

Whether you've had a fire in your home or commercial fire damage, fire damage restoration can be a costly and unexpected expense. Fire cleanup such as repairing soot damage, smoke damage and boarding up your roof or windows can be a stressful process and possibly dangerous.

Fortunately, there is a solution that will save you time and money - hiring a professional fire damage restoration company for fire cleanup.

While it's understandable that homeowners or business owner will want to complete the initial fire cleanup, hiring a restoration company to do the job is highly recommended, especially if you have a fire in your business. If fire damage isn't handled properly, it can actually cost you more money in the long run.

Some victims of small fires have reported paying around $300 dollars for fire cleanup. However, if you don't repair your fire damage immediately, you run the risk of paying up to $12,000 or more for extensive damage or even closer to $100,000 for commercial fire damage.

If you experience a fire in your home, some of the common issues that you will face will be:

Discoloration and Deterioration - Soot damage is a major problem after fires in homes. Ash is highly acidic, which will cause a plethora of problems if not properly treated. Common problems from soot damage include discoloration and deterioration of materials in your home. Plastic materials that were in the vicinity of the fire will change color after minutes. If not treated within hours, appliances and upholstery risk deterioration and yellowing.

Solution: Unfortunately, if not handled quickly, prolonged soot damage will permanently harm porous materials and fabrics. When you contact your fire restoration company, make sure that they offer services to clean upholstery using a high-efficiency HEPA vacuum and alkaline cleaners to neutralize the soot acid. They will also board up any walls or windows that have been damaged in the fire.

Smoke damage - Smoke damage becomes harder to repair if left untreated. You must get rid of smoke smells immediately to avoid them becoming a persistent problem after a fire in your home. Not only does smoke damage char up your walls and ceilings, it leaves a film on whatever it touches. It's important to call a restoration company to clean this up before the smoke smell soaks into everything.

Solution: If you call a fire restoration company, make sure that they use ozone generators which use electrical currents to eliminate smoke smells. Thermal fogging is also used to destroy molecules causing a smoke smell.

If you have just experienced a fire in your business, it is important to quickly repair fire damage to get your business running again.

Some of the consequences you will face after commercial fire damage include:

Allergens caused by soot damage, smoke and mold - As a business owner, it is essential that after a fire in your business, materials in your business are restored to their normal condition, if possible. These allergens can cause severe irritations if they come in contact with skin.

Solution: A fire damage restoration company should specialize in cleaning you facility after a fire in your business as well as your decontaminating your HVAC system and ductwork. Steam cleaning should also be applied to carpets throughout the building.

Lack of security and damaged documents - After having commercial fire damage, smoke and soot damage aren't your only concerns. If the facility is damaged, you may be left with broken windows, a damaged roof and collapsed walls. This leaves your business open for theft and money loss.

Solution: After fires in businesses, it's important that you receive fire damage restoration that includes boarding up walls and windows. For some companies, not only will they board up your building, they will also perform document recovery techniques for important business documents.
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What To Do About Mold In A Home Or Business

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What To Do About Mold In A Home Or Business

When a business or home owner finds mold in home, or fungus, mildew or dry rot it is crucial to address the situation immediately. These contaminants need to be avoided in indoor environments. Mold removal is best left to residential or commercial mold damage remediation professionals. The situation can be properly handled by a reliable restoration company with a team of qualified mold damage professionals.

Mold growth, mildew, fungus, dry rot or smelly odor can be present in any environment that encourages them. From furniture and carpeting to windows and insulation, all areas of a residential or commercial property can fall victim to mold growth. Mold growth, including black mold and mold growth behind wall, can occur on anywhere there is moisture problem.

Mold remediation can be a very difficult undertaking. What makes it even tougher would be the stress and hassles that are typically associated with handling a mold in home or business property.

Mold remediation involves the identification and correction of mold in home or business and causes of mold growth, including black mold, mold growth behind wall as well as related problems such as fungus, mildew, smelly odor and dry rot. Remediation also requires residential or commercial mold damage professionals to perform safe and effective removal of damaged materials, and deodorization.

When mold, fungus and other contamination issues threaten your property, residential or commercial mold damage professionals are the experts to contact. Mitigation professionals are available and will respond as soon as possible to identify the hidden causes of mold, fungus and smelly odor, evaluate the situation, and provide mold removal and deodorization in the contaminated area.

Whether there is mold in home or office, the residential or commercial mold damage technicians and contents management division of the restoration begin by photographing, itemizing, packing and moving your belongings. They will store your items in a secure, climate-controlled storage space. The restoration company will clean dry rot, black mold, deodorize and carefully address mold growth issues. They will also remove mold growth behind wall and restore and protect your belongings.

Why Hire Professionals For Mold Damage Mitigation

Professionals use high-tech mold removal equipment and advanced techniques to remediate mold and mildew and to stop their negative effects. Technicians utilize a variety of types of state-of-the-art equipment depending on the situation, including air blowers, negative air machines, dehumidifiers and air scrubbers. By the time mold damage professionals finish their mold removal, deodorization and mitigation services, your business or home will be free from harmful mold, black mold, mold growth behind wall or smelly odor.

What’s Involved in Professional Mold Cleanup?

Upon arrival the mitigation professionals will perform an assessment of the affected area to determine the extent of the mold growth as it is very important to get to work immediately to control the damage. They provide the following clean-up services:

. Preliminary examination to ensure any sources of moisture problems have been addressed.
. Set up proper drying equipment to dry out the surfaces.
. Clean and apply deodorization on any surfaces with mold damage and get rid of those that show extensive damage, such as flooring, drywall, and insulation.
. Provide guidance on proper cleaning of delicate or expensive personal belongings.
. Monitor and test air quality.
. Ensure the home or business is protected against future moisture and mold damage.

It's Important To Act Fast

In the proper environment this fungus can reproduce and cause damage to a property rather quickly. The impact of mold damage or dry rot can be deeper when it occurs on materials or items, such as drywall or carpet. If mold removal or remediation is not performed the affected surfaces can sustain cosmetic damage.

Simply, mold and mildew mitigation is a method that a restoration company uses to remove the appearance of mold or mildew growth inside a business or home and apply deodorization. A reputable restoration company has well-trained professionals who can stop the spread of mold in a business or home and prevent it from reoccurring in the future.
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Residential and Commercial Flood Damage

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Residential and Commercial Flood Damage

Flood damage and water damage from other sources is a serious event. Within the first hour, furniture can become tarnished, colors can begin bleeding through onto carpeting and wood floors can become saturated. Within the first day, mold formation can begin, drywall can start decomposing and structural components, such as beams and studs, can become compromised. If water damage is left for more than 48 hours, the water in the home or water in the business can cause severe, deep rooted water damage. At this stage, buildings may face condemnation.

This is why it's absolutely imperative to call in professional help when dealing with a water cleanup. With timely action, water damage mitigation and restoration can be 100 percent effective in the restoration of the property to its former state. But if water damage is allowed to fester, it can lead to severe damage, including loss of the property.

Steps to remove water in the home and begin restoration

A flood damage or water damage event can be extremely stressful, even traumatic. The most important thing that someone can do is to get in touch, as soon as possible, with water cleanup and damage mitigation experts. They know what to do and have the sophisticated and powerful tools to begin the water cleanup process immediately, maximizing the chances that the property can undergo complete restoration.

Inspection and assessment of severity

The first thing that water cleanup specialists will do is assess the flood damage. If the water in the business or home has seeped into baseboards or structural components, mitigation specialists will be able to detect it, by using sophisticated infrared detectors and hygrometers. It is absolutely imperative to assess all areas of seepage so that appropriate drying measures can begin immediately, avoiding structural compromise and mold formation.

Water extraction

The most important part of the drying process is the extraction of any standing water. Again, this is a job for specialists with specialist equipment. Industrial strength vacuum equipment and heavy-duty, submersible pumps ensure that the drying process can begin within hours of the flood damage event. The quick removal of standing water is a crucial step in the flood damage mitigation process.

Drying and dehumidification

Once the standing water has been removed, the drying process can begin in earnest. Depending on what materials and what areas of the home or business have been affected, professional restoration specialists have access to specialized, high-power heaters and drying equipment that can dry joists, beams, subflooring and other areas of the home that would be otherwise impossible to reach. They will also be able to control ambient humidity, using high-strength dehumidifiers that are not available to the general public.

Cleaning and sanitizing the property

One of the largest threats that water in the home or water in a business poses is to the items, such as furniture, books, pictures and papers, that are found within it. Professional restoration companies will be able to immediately remove all heavy furniture. They will also be able to immediately begin to dry any pictures, books or other items that have been affected, using specialized cleaning methods and sanitation processes.

Final restoration of the property

If the water in the home or water in the business has been effectively removed within the first 24-48 hours, total restoration of the home or business and all its contents is virtually guaranteed. There will be no warping of floors, structural compromise or mold formation. However, the problem must be remediated quickly. Once the 48 hour mark has passed, the risk of permanent damage to the property and its contents begins to quickly rise.

After just one week of unresolved flooding damage, many properties will be condemned or require tens of thousands of dollars in structural replacement. The good news is that most professional restoration firms will be able to avoid this outcome in almost all cases.
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Tips on Selecting a Great Fire Cleanup Company

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Tips on Selecting a Great Fire Cleanup Company

Fire can leave behind extensive damage to the tune of thousands of dollars. However, these losses can be higher if the fire damage restoration is not sought in good time. It is important to note that any delay even for several hours can have a huge impact on the extent of the damage. The underlying truth is that conducting fire cleanup as a DIY project is complicated and messy. Fire cleanup is a detailed process that requires professional and commercial fire damage companies.

For starters, an inspection needs to be done before any fire cleanup measures can be undertaken. Fire damage also comes with soot damage, smoke damage, and smoke smell. Fire in the home or fire in the business is a task that requires the proper industrial equipment. In most cases, a vacuum cleaner and a few detergents are not enough to conduct a thorough fire cleanup.

Timing is critical when conducting fire damage restoration. In most cases, when faced with a fire in the home or a fire in the business, most people are more concerned about insurance arrangements and looking for alternative housing. However, most business and homeowners do not stop to consider salvaging the remaining items after the fire damage. Later on, they find that their house policy is not enough to cater for the fire damage on property and they wish that they would have sought commercial fire damage services.

According to the Institute of Cleaning, Inspection, and Restoration, delays in the fire cleanup process can lead to serious consequences. Fire does not only leave destruction on the property, soot damage, smoke damage, and smoke smell also pose negative effects both to the property and occupants. This is why immediate intervention needs to be sought after a fire in home or fire in business.

Fire damage restoration experts say that minutes after the fire has been extinguished, the soot residue can cause discoloration on surfaces such as alabaster and marble. Plastics also get easily discolored in a matter of minutes. A few hours after a fire is extinguished is enough to cause acidic soot and intense yellowing of counter tops, bathroom fixtures, and unprotected metals. Furniture can also discolor in a few hours.

A fire in the home or fire in the business exposure for several hours can lead to corrosion and rust of metals. The walls can also become permanently discolored. Flooring made from vinyl and wood may need replacement or a major retouch. Clothing and textiles and upholstery can become damaged and stained beyond repair. If the exposure proceeds for weeks, the carpets may get discolored to an unsalvageable state. Silver plated items may also get corroded. Crystal, glass and china items can also become etched and pitched due to the soot damage residue exposure.

Apart from the obvious structural destruction as a result of the flames, acidic soot is also very dangerous. The smoke smell also poses another challenge and health concern. In most cases, the box fans are not enough to get rid of the powerful smoke smell. Again, the use of water to put out the fire also complicates the matter.

Most people assume that the fire in the home or fire in the business can be dealt with by vacuuming and cleaning using detergents. However, the water damage, heavy soot damage, smoke smell, smoke damage and corrosion requires the expertise of certified restoration technicians. Commercial fire damage professionals undergo fire and water training. They also have the necessary equipment to ensure that the commercial fire damage clean up process is effective and well planned out.

Commercial fire damage restoration technicians need to be certified, carry proof of license and have the necessary skills to conduct fire cleanup services. Fire damage mitigation can go a long way in salvaging property and items. Prompt services also deal with the smoke damage, soot damage and the smoke smell in good time. You can salvage your items and property if you seek the services of fire damage restoration in good time.
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Tips for Proper Mold Removal and Remediation

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Tips for Proper Mold Removal and Remediation

Dealing with mold in your home or business can be devastating and frustrating. The problem with most mold damage is that it can go undetected for quite some time before you even notice there's an issue. Being in the house all the time doesn't help this, as you'll become immune to the smelly odor of mildew and won't know that there's a problem lurking behind the walls. Understanding the process of professional mitigation and remediation is important when getting your home or business back to its former glory.

How to Know If You're Dealing with Mold Damage

There are a few ways to tell if you have mold damage in the home and require expert mitigation services. For one, you'll have a smelly odor that is similar to clothing that's been left in the washer too long. It smells like mildew and has a musty odor that alerts you that something is wrong. In some cases, you'll be able to pinpoint where this smelly odor is coming from and other times, you may smell it all throughout the home. If you have an inkling that there is mildew in your house, it's important to contact and hire the remediation professionals so that they can start the mold removal process.

Long-Term Effects of Mold in the Home

If fungus and mildew is allowed to fester in your home, you're going to wind up dealing with a pretty major issue. Apart from all of the common side effects of mold in the home, mildew and fungus can also destroy the area it's located. You'll have to get rid of insulation, sheet rock, flooring and anything else that the mildew has come into contact with. Professional remediation and mitigation is one of the only ways to get rid of mold in the home and deal with commercial mold damage.

What to Do if You Have Commercial Mold Damage

If you have a business and are dealing with commercial mold damage, it's imperative that you contact the damage experts. Because you're dealing with customers and employees on a regular basis, proper deodorization and drying is necessary to get rid of the smelly odor throughout the office setting. Mold removal is not specific to just homes, as many business owners and entrepreneurs have dealt with commercial mold damage and are in need of expert mitigation.

Hiring the Professional Mitigation Experts

The beauty about hiring the pros for mold removal is that they bring all of their own tools and equipment. Oftentimes, trying to get rid of the smelly odor and do the deodorization on your own just isn't enough to get rid of the fungus spores that have been allowed to wreak havoc throughout the residence. Mold removal and fungus deodorization is best done by a professional team of experts who have been doing this type of work for quite some time. Not only will they bring their own cleaning supplies for the area the fungus has settled, but they can use air deodorization tools to actually clean the air of any fungal spores, preventing the spores from re-settling onto walls and flooring.

What to Expect from Professional Mold Damage Remediation

When you hire a mold remediation company, they'll come to your home when it is convenient for you to begin the work. They will be there for a few hours to assess the damage and give you a quote on how much the work is going to cost. Once you've accepted this amount, they will get to work immediately to remediate the area and get rid of any fungal spores. In certain instances, they'll have to come to your home or place of business several times to ensure that the fungal spores are no longer present. If the mold is very severe, they may ask you to vacate the premises so that you and your family are safe.
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5 Tips for Dealing with Water Damage

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5 Tips for Dealing with Water Damage

The moment you experience water damage, you have to act quickly to avoid permanent flood damage. Whether you have water in home or water in business, you need to be sure that the water is removed from the flooring, the furniture, and everything else. Dying is a complicated manner and it might not be enough to prevent damage to everything in the area.

There are some tips to help you with water cleanup and restoration.

Begin Drying Everything

Mitigation is of the utmost importance because you need to try and reduce the severity of the flood damage. Many people experience the biggest problems because they don't do anything for several days. This means that water has the chance to soak into everything, making it harder to get out.

Drying everything is easier said than done in some instances. You might be able to use towels or wet vacuums in some instances to help remove the excess water. If you allow things to go on for too long, the water damage could be permanent - and this is when you're going to spend more on restoration.

Particularly if you don't know if insurance is going to cover the flood damage, mitigation is your best defense.

Identify Water Damage

You need to try and identify all of the water damage as soon as possible. This will be used for filing a claim with insurance as well as discussing the flood damage with the mitigation and water cleanup company.

Some of the water damage could be in:


The water cleanup company might notice more areas of damage than you. This is because they are trained to know where to look - and will test areas to see if there is damage.

Dealing with Water in Home

If you are dealing with water in home areas, then you need to remove all items that were not affected by the area. Take photos of the damage and then begin trying to get all water out of the areas. If you have furniture that has been soaked by water, remove all excess water. Then, if possible, use the sun for drying furniture.

You also need to get a water cleanup crew out to your home immediately.

Dealing with Water in Business

If you have water in business environments, there might be documents and other items that have been ruined. Mitigation is critical as it will allow you to get some things out of the area so that they do not get damaged in the aftermath (such as filing cabinets, electronics, and more).

Drying is important and you might need to use a hairdryer for documents and other items. Bags of rice can help to remove moisture from electronics. As for drywall, flooring, and other areas of your business, you need to work with professionals who can identify damage and determine what needs to be dried and what needs to be replaced.

Contact a Restoration Company

It's a good idea to contact a restoration company from the very beginning. They specialize in water damage and can help quite a bit with mitigation. Additionally, you can get the help when it comes to filing a claim with the insurance company. You might be able to minimize the amount of money you spend out-of-pocket because the restoration company will work directly with your insurance.

The restoration company will help with water in home and water in business situations. This allows you to sit back and let the professionals deal with the flood damage. Visit for more information on water damage.