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What You Must do In Case of a Commercial Fire Damage

10/25/2017 (Permalink)

What You Must do In Case of a Commercial Fire Damage

Fire is one of the leading commercial risks across the globe, possibly since there a lot of flammable items around. Electrical fire is the top cause of fire damages to business structures because of electricity's application in running multiple activities. Fire damage is featured by water and structural damage which might be either primary or secondary depending on the amount of damage. Water normally occurs because the priority of the firefighter is to do a fire suppression to its full extent and this could characterize use of a lot of water.

It is imperative that you learn about the commercial fire damage restoration process because it assists to offer you advice to the restoration professionals and the firefighters. You should bear in mind learning a few fire suppression systems that the restoration specialist find applicable.

Fire damage could involve combustion of the inventory, destruction of costly equipment and loss of other crucial stuff especially in the case of utility room fire. The burning that happens during a fire leads into smoke damage and soot damage that will destroy both the exterior and interior of your business. Electrical fire mostly is the cause of utility room fire hence fire restoration should be done to combat smoke damage and soot damage that characterize the fire.

Whenever you face a fire accident, consult an expert fire restoration firm which you trust to assist you regain your pre-fire condition. Technical fire restoration companies understand that smoke damage and soot damage are the side effects of a fire and therefore will visit your business to determine the precise course of action. The fire restoration organization understand that your purpose is to ensure that your business doors are always open. Therefore, assisting you to get back to your activities to their usual status-quo as fast as possible and reducing the expedience on the same is their aim.

The fire damage restoration specialists will take the following steps when contacted:

• Do a preliminary inspection.

• Area cleanup

• Smell removal especially in the case of utility room fire.

• Final touches for restoration

Some of the services you could get from restoration professionals include:

• Upholstery restoration.

• Conduct a water damage restoration due to the application of water from the fire sprinkler, firefighter equipment or a fire truck which used a fire hose with too much pressure.

Fire damage restoration: it involves fixing matters in relation with smoke damage and soot damage.

Because electrical fire is the famous cause of commercial fire damage, it is crucial to ensure frequent utility room fire inspection of the main power system to reduce probable danger of electrical fires. After a fire occurrence, the major priority of commercial fire damage professionals is to make sure that your business is in safe condition. Any cleaning and repairs required is done in tandem with substantial safety checks such as electrical supplies in the event of an electrical fire.

Normally, a firefighter may decide to use chemicals or water when tackling commercial fire damage. A fire truck is equipped with a fire suppression system and fire sprinkler system containing a fire hose via which the water or any liquid material is pumped by the fire fighter to take out the fire.

The fire suppression system and fire sprinkler system in the fire truck is built in a way that fire suppression is possible by the pressure pumping via the fire hose in the fire sprinkler system. Any commercial fire damage will need immediate arrival of the fire truck. As a safety precaution, it is vital for a business to equip itself with a fire suppression system and fire sprinkler system because the use of a fire hose is very effective.

Commercial fire damages is one of the matters that affect organizations across the planet ad knowing about the fire damage restoration methods can assist to minimize the amount of damage that you have incurred due to the fire.
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When Fire Hits Your Home

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When Fire Hits Your Home

Fire in the business can be as a result of many things like an electrical fault. Fire damage can cause a lot of stress since it leads to the destruction of property. Luckily, a fire damage restoration company is always ready to offer help to individuals who have had a fire in the home. The restoration company will come in handy to do the fire clean up. After the fire truck has left, the homeowner will have to deal with the smoke smell and smoke damage. It takes a lot of time to do the restoration process. A restoration company will help in controlling the fire damage.

Contacting a fire damage Restoration Company

Calling the fire restoration company is the first step in dealing with fire in the business. The company can respond within 24 hours. Majority of the commercial fire damage companies are always open, and one can keep the fire in the home in control even during the odd hours of the night. Moreover, the company has all the necessary equipment to help in the fire cleanup process. Contacting the restoration company is the best thing anyone can do if there is a fire.


The next step is the assessment. In this stage, the restoration company will inspect the building to identify the extent of the fire damage. The commercial fire damage restoration company will also conduct an assessment of the soot damage. In addition, the team will even do a smoke damage assessment. Once the restoration damage company has done the evaluation, it will provide a quote on the amount required to do the fire damage restoration. Commercial fire damage will put the fire in the business under control.


When there is a fire in the home or fire in the business, the property that remains after the fire damage must be protected. A commercial fire damage team will do windows board up to make sure that all the items are safe. Failure to do windows board up will leave the property open, and the property could be stolen. Moreover, the board up will also help in protecting the property from the rain.

Water damage removal

Once there is a fire there will also be water damage to the building. Putting out the fire by the commercial fire damage team will leave the premise filled up with water. The water must be removed before it causes further damage to property. The fire damage company will use a dehumidifier to ensure the place remains dry. All the water has to be removed entirely to avoid health problems.

Smoke damage removal

There is also bound to be soot damage and smoke damage after the fire damage. The smoke smell can be very deadly if it is not handled in good time. The fire damage restoration company will make sure that they have removed all the smoke smell in the premise. Therefore, no matter the level of smoke damage caused by a fire in the home, a restoration company is well equipped to tackle the problem.


After getting rid of the soot damage, the fire cleanup team will clean the items that have remained. The fire cleanup company has the necessary tools to clean the entire premise they will also clean the wall which has been affected by soot damage.


The last step is the restoration which involves repairing the premise. After the fire cleanup, removing of the smoke smell and doing windows board up. Repairs are then done to the house. In this stage, new flooring is installed, and the place is brought back to its initial look.

Hiring fire Restoration Team will help save a lot of property from being destroyed. The above process is what most companies follow when restoring the house after it has been damaged by fire. One can rest easy knowing that the home will be renovated to the way it was in just a short time.
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Worried About Storm Damage? Here's What You Need to Know

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Worried About Storm Damage? Here's What You Need to Know

Don't wait until hail damage or hurricane damage causes problems at your house. Prepare for wind damage, hurricane damage, and storm damage before it actually happens. If you're a homeowner, it's important to consider problems you could face, such as river flooding, ice damming, and flooding that could require a flood pump and storm remediation. Thinking about problems such as hail damage, ice damage, and roof damage doesn't mean you're a pessimist. Preparing for hail damage, storm damage, and ice damage simply means you value being prepared for hurricane damage and roof damage before you require storm remediation. If you're ready to start preparing your home for ice damming, storm damage, or hurricane damage, there are several things you can do to prevent storm damage from causing roof damage and wind damage to your home. If you've already faced a storm that requires storm restoration, it's important to seek help from a home restoration expert as quickly as possible for water restoration assistance. Here's what you need to know.

1. Secure outdoor items
One way you can prevent roof damage and hurricane damage is to secure outdoor items prior to storm damage happening. This will minimize roof damage that can lead to a roof leak since items may become mobile during extreme wind storms leading to wind damage. If you're expecting river flooding or ground water, make sure you place items in your home. Never leave important yard items outside when you're expecting river flooding, flood water, or ground water to be standing in your yard after a storm. Flood water, river flooding, and ground water can damage many of your items and cause rust and other problems.

2. Check your roof when it snows
Make sure you check your roof for an ice dam. Ice damming is a common problem that causes roof damage and requires a roof repair. If your house goes too long without a roof repair, you may find you have a roof leak after an ice dam forms. Ice damming can cause quite a bit of problems when it comes to facing a roof leak. While it's possible to get a roof repair after a roof leak, it's best to avoid a roof repair when possible. Make sure you check for ice damming regularly. Remember that an ice dam can cause extreme ice damage. Although many homeowners don't consider ice damage when it comes to their roof, this is a real problem that can be the result of an ice dam.

3. Examine your house after a storm
Have you recently experienced flooding? Wind damage? Flood water? Ground water? Frozen pipes? Hail damage? Make sure you examine your house to determine the extent of the damage. Always take pictures of flooding, flood water, and frozen pipes if you can. Whether you're facing flooding that requires a flood pump or frozen pipes that require a flood pump, pictures will help when it's time to restore your home. Your insurance company may also want to see pictures of your home if you require a flood pump to perform water restoration after frozen pipes.

4. Call a storm restoration professional to repair damage
The right water restoration expert can help you with storm remediation. When you call a home restoration expert, you'll receive the right storm remediation. This can help you repair damage to your house. Storm restoration is an important part of repairing your home after a storm. Even if you haven't worked with a home restoration or water restoration expert before, the right storm restoration professional will help you with home restoration after you've experienced damage.
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Water Damage Must Be Dealt With Quickly

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Water Damage Must Be Dealt With Quickly

Water damage to your home or business can be devastating. It is important to seek out mitigation procedures to offset the costs and severity of damage. Seeking out a professional restoration company that specializes in water cleanup is imperative. Only highly-trained professionals who specialize in flood damage can get your back to its pre-flood condition.

There are, however, a number of steps that you can take to get a jump start on the restoration process. Remove water-logged carpet, rugs and other ruined items. You can also mop your flooded home and start the drying process with fans if you have some available. These mitigation efforts can be very beneficial in the long run when dealing with flood damage.

When the restoration company arrives, they will take charge of removing water from your flooded home. They will check for pipe breaks, supply line breaks and other sources that could be the source of water in the home. After closely monitoring, the restoration company will immediately begin water cleanup. They use state-of-the art equipment in the restoration process to ensure all water in the home is removed. Once the flooded home is free of all moisture, the drying process begins. Large fans are used to thoroughly dry the areas. These mitigation techniques ensures a drop in costs and limits to overall damage.

Although every water damage situation is different. The same steps are used for water in your business. Pipe breaks and supply line breaks are among the main reasons for flooding in a business. However, flooded homes and water in a business can be also caused by storm damage, leaking appliances, sewage backup and even from fire trucks when putting out fires.

Water damage also can cause serious problems if left unattended. If floors, furniture and upholstery is left unattended after flooding, mold and mildew can easily set up. This can cause an entirely different set of problems. This is why the trained water clean up professionals respond immediately to ensure that walls, furniture, flooring and other areas of the home is thoroughly cleaned, dried and sanitized. The drying efforts to extract water in your home involves the use of large fans. This ensures that almost 100 percent of residual moisture is removed from your home.

Supply line and pipe breaks can be especially troublesome when it comes to home restoration. These leaks can cause massive flood damage in your home or business. Immediate mitigation of the supply line break can help hasten water cleanup and drying time. Water in your business can be a huge headache. The last thing a business owner needs is for the business to be shut down due to a pipe break or supply line break. The longer the business is down, the more money you lose. Much of your stock can also be affected by water damage. A professional restoration company can quickly eliminate water in your business and have you up and running in record time.

If your home or business is affected by flood damage, contact a reputable water cleanup company as soon as possible. They are trained to quickly extract the water in your home or business and ensure restoration begins immediately. There are a number of highly-reputable water restoration companies in the yellow pages. They will closely work with the homeowner or business owner every step of the way. The situation will be monitored from start to finish, and satisfaction is guaranteed.

These companies will also serve as middle-man for your insurance company so that the process will go smoothly and your worries are lessened.
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How To Recover From Commercial Fire Damage

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How To Recover From Commercial Fire Damage

If your business is affected by fire damage, the restoration process must begin as soon as the fire truck pulls away. Here are the steps you must take to recover from commercial fire damage:

1. Contact Your Insurance Company:

A fire damage claim should be placed as soon as the firefighters leave the house and the fire truck pulls away. Even the company's phone lines have limited hours, it may be possible to contact the company in an emergency using an online chat with a representative. Your insurance company also may be able to give you advice on what fire damage restoration company you should choose.

2. Find A Board Up Service:

Buildings that have been affected by commercial fire damage are vulnerable to vandalism and theft as soon as the fire truck pulls away and the firefighters leave. A board up service can prevent this from occurring. The board up service will take initial steps to prevent further soot damage and smoke damage from continuing to occur after the firefighters left. Choose a board up service that is reputable and is located as close to you as possible.

3. Choose A Company For Fire Restoration Services:

Choose fire restoration professionals that are experienced in the field. Also, try to find a company that is certified through the IIRC. Make sure that the fire restoration company meets local requirements for licensing.

Also, it's important to read reviews of a fire restoration company that you're considering. Angie's List, Google, and Yelp are good websites to find reviews. If you find a few reviews that appear to indicate that the company isn't reputable, it might be best to avoid the company even if other reviews appear to be positive. Also, check to see that the fire damage restoration company is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). While accreditation with the Better Business Bureau is a strong sign that a company is reputable, there are many reputable commercial fire damage restoration companies that aren't accredited by the BBB.

The company that you choose to repair your commercial fire damage should also provide restoration services for smoke damage and soot damage. In many cases, smoke damage and soot damage are more serious than the damage caused by the fire itself.

The fire hose used to put out the fire and a fire sprinkler system may have caused damage. Therefore, try to find a company that can repair the water damage that's caused by the fire hose used by firefighters and your fire sprinkler system. The water from the fire hose and the fire sprinkler system can cause mold growth. Keep in mind that the fire hose on a fire truck can spray as much as 1500 gallons of water per minute.

Soot damage and smoke damage can cause a very strong odor that may deter customers. Make sure that the company you choose offers deodorization.

4. Investigation Of The Cause:

Always make sure the cause of the fire is precisely determined and repair the problem. Here are some common origins of fires that should be considered:

The Electric System
Utility Room Fires (often caused by electrical fires, by dryer lint, or flammable materials)
Heaters And Boilers (electrical fires are commonly caused by heaters)
Employees Smoking Indoors

5. Repair Of The Structure:

In addition to repairing parts of the structure that have been damaged by the fire, you may have to make other changes to the building during the restoration process. If you suffered an electrical fire, it's possible that some aspects of your electrical system don't meet code. As a result, you'll have to update your electrical system to prevent future electrical fires. If you suffered a utility room fire, it's possible that some parts of your utility room will need to be changed to prevent future utility room fires. Many utility room fires are caused by flammable materials being stored in areas where there could be a spark.

If your fire suppression system didn't meet code, it may have to be replaced with a newer fire suppression system. If a fire sprinkler system caused a lot of water damage, experts may recommend that you switch to a different type of fire suppression system, such as a dry chemical fire suppression system.
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Wind Damage? We Can Help!

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Wind Damage? We Can Help!

Spontaneous, violent weather changes, such as wind damage, ice damming, or hail damage cause disasters on residential and commercial buildings. Wind damage and hurricane damage particularly, lead to roof damage that loosens the tiles and shingles. Hurricanes accompanied by rain, lightning, running ground water, flooding, flood water inside homes, or hails turn lives upside down.

The Hurricane Damage Disaster

The violent nature of hurricanes can result in river flooding. Consequently, the ground water of the area you live in will rise and affect the basement of your house. You require a hail damage technician to offer ground water and river flooding home remediation services.

Hurricane damage can contribute to several forms of destruction:

• Ice damage worth thousands of dollars not only on the roof but the water piping system too. The low temperature that arises from ice damming quite often constrict the water pipes, the result of which is a blocked water network and flooding.

• Ice damming on the roof and gutters, which manifests as a roof leak requiring an ice damage home restoration and storm restoration expert to offer emergency roof repair and ice damming removal.

• Water everywhere that the water restoration and storm remediation. company removes with a flood pump.

• River flooding and wildly running ground water whose consequences include frozen pipes in the local region water system and flood water entering your home.

• Roof damage that results from the ice dam forming on the shelter of your building. An ice dam can also transform into moisture or flood water that infiltrates the house.

Emergency Wind Damage Repairs

Recovery from hurricane damage requires you to contact an emergency home restoration company without delays. Acting quickly after the river flooding in the area you own real estate can significantly minimize the flood water impact on your commercial or residential building.

When storm damage leaves you desperately struggling with the roof repair, frozen pipes, ice damage, and a roof leak, do you feel overwhelmed and wonder what to do next? No, you must not hopelessly stare at the roof damage and throw your hands in the air!
Fortunately, an expert wind damage home restoration can help in the following ways:

• Surveying the wind damage and plan for home restoration strategies.

• Explain to you the necessary hail damage cleanup steps and how the use of a flood pump in the storm remediation. and water restoration exercise.

• The home remediation procedures you need to secure your building from the effects of flooding in the future.

• Use an advanced flood pump to offer water restoration services.

• Professional odor removal, house and carpet cleaning, and drying crew.

The Storm Restoration and Water Restoration Process

When the home remediation technician deals with the water damage after a storm, the professional must shut off all the power connections first. Sometimes, the flood water gets soaked into the walls and can affect your electrical wiring. The ice damage remediation professional needs to shut off your water supply lines too. Next, the roof repair company staff will check any broken pipes, ice dam damages, and the sewage system.

Documenting the Damage

The home remediation officer will provide the comprehensive written and photographic documentation of the roof leak as well as the flood water impact. An inventory of the costs of storm damage proves to your insurance company that you need financing for both the indoor and outdoor flooding repairs.

Frozen Pipes and Roof Repair

Storm damage hits the residential and commercial buildings roofs the hardest. A roof leak makes you experience water damage inside the house following a tornado. The home remediation company will not only repair the roof damage and storm restoration services but provide water damage cleanup services. Storm remediation. structures are necessary to avoid and future flooding that only a flood pump can remove.

Future Storm Damage Protection

Losses from ice dam effects, snow, and freezing temperatures causing frozen pipes amount to approximately $1.2 billion annually. The storm restoration services should include the provision of storm remediation. and home remediation services to avoid hail damage in the coming years.
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How Professional Water Damage Restoration Can Help You

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How Professional Water Damage Restoration Can Help You

A supply line break in the home can leave carpets soaked and hardwood flooring stained from flood damage. When talking about water damage, a person wants to call a water cleanup company as soon as possible because the longer he waits on water in home, the more the damage grows. Within 48 to 72 hours, mold starts to form in the home, and if that isn't bad enough, the water damage to couches, nightstands and tables can be so devastating the people have to replace their valuables.

Why Hire a Professional Restoration Company?

A flooded home from a pipe break can cost hundreds of dollars in damage, and if the response to water cleanup after a supply line break is unprofessional, it can exasperate the problem and cost even more. A professional restoration company has dealt with water damage before, so they understand how to go about drying the excess water in home. Also, they know how to do it safely. For example, people should never wander into a water puddle close to an outlet because water is conducive to electricity, and it can send dangerous shocks.. Here's some of the benefits to hiring a professional restoration company:

Expert attention to mitigation and drying the water
Stops flood damage from happening again
A water restoration company uses specialized equipment

Water in Business: Professional Mitigation Vital

In particular, water in business can be especially damaging because business owners have all that merchandise soaking up the water and creating the perfect circumstances for mold. When customers see this, many of them will walk in and walk right back out. Businesses have to address flood damage at the source and handle the problem, or the consequences stretch beyond immediate financial losses. Water in business if not handled through professional mitigation efforts can cause financial problems for a business and making money.

How Water Cleanup Works

A flooded home will need restoration as soon as possible. When a person calls a company skilled in restoration, the first thing they will do is bring out the fans to help with drying. Water damage and restoration mainly involves fixing the source of the damage, whether it was a leaking dishwasher or a supply line break. With a supply line break, not much can be done about it, but water cleanup from a leaking dishwasher can often be resolved through the correct repairs with water in home. With a flooded home, a person has to first resolve the source of the flood damage. If, for example, the problem's root lies in a leaky roof, drying is good, but the person has to first fix the shingles on the roof causing the leak or the water in home will happen again—most professional companies know this and address it.

Professional water cleanup handles the task in a more efficient way because they have done this many times before. Oftentimes, these companies will also have special equipment that a regular person doesn't have to mitigate the effects of water damage. As soon as an individual notices flood damage, they should call the company to help with it.

Whether a flooded home or water in business, restoration from a professional company ensures the damage doesn't return. Also, a company like this will have the best knowledge on how to deal with a pipe break. With a pipe break, it can be hard to predict, and even still, harder to stop. While insurance companies normally don't cover the actual pipe break, the water damage and mitigation efforts will usually be covered under insurance. People should, however, first get acquainted with their policy to make sure they have coverage. After flood damage has occurred, individuals should call up their insurance company as soon as possible to deal with the problem at its source.
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Key Information About Professional Fire Damage Restoration

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Key Information About Professional Fire Damage Restoration

As a homeowner, you probably fear fire damage more than any other form of accident or emergency. However, when a situation arises that there is a fire in business or home, it is important to make sure that everyone has left the building and is safe. Evacuation should be followed by calling the fire department to put out the fire in home. What most people fail to realize is that the most challenging part of dealing with fire starts after the fire department has left your home. Most of the times, the homes suffer smoke damage and fire damage, coupled with water and stains from whichever firefighting efforts were made. It is recommended that you calla restoration company as soon as the firefighters have left to start the fire damage restoration process.

The inspection and assessment of the fire in business or home extent

The process starts with an inspection aimed at figuring out the extent of the commercial fire damage or fire in home damage. The restoration experts will, first of all, make sure that the building is safe to enter, then they will inspect all the rooms and evaluate the state of the building. The amount of soot damage and fire in home or fire in business destruction that has occurred is what will guide them in coming up with an action plan. Part of the initial evaluation may include measures such board up and tarping the roof. Board up is aimed at making sure that these structures do not collapse if they were weakened by the fire in business and also to prevent further soot damage to the interior of the house.

Removal of water and drying

Most of the times after the board up, unless the commercial fire damage was caused by an electric fault, the firefighters will use water to extinguish and prevent further fire damage. The huge amounts of water used in the process create another problem, that of water and soot damage. The restoration team will assess the level of water still stagnated in the room, and do an extraction. After all the water has been removed, they will proceed to look for ways in which they can dry and dehumidify the walls and floors. Note that when moisture is left in hidden corners of the home, mold will start growing, creating another problem altogether.

Removing smoke smell and soot from all surfaces

The next step in the process will be a fire cleanup to remove smoke smell and soot damage. After a fire, the surfaces that are normally worst affected by smoke damage and soot are the walls, ceilings and all wooden structures such as kitchen cabinets and wardrobes in the bedrooms. The restoration company has cleaning techniques which are very effective in the removal of the soot and smoke damage from all the surfaces, leaving the house as clean as it was before the commercial fire damage. In addition to this, there is an unpleasant smoke smell that is left behind by smoke damage and fire. The fire damage restoration company uses deodorizers in fire cleanup to remove the smoke smell.

Fire cleanup and sanitizing

It is likely that the furniture, upholstery and even structures such as sinks, bathtubs, and others will have suffered a substantial amount of contamination during the fire in home and extinguishing efforts. The commercial fire damage restoration company will do fire cleanup on all the equipment, furniture and structures inside the house and try as much as they can to take it back to its state before the fire damage.

Those are some of the services that you can expect from a restoration company. The last and the most important step in the process is the restoration itself. The process involves processes such as repainting parts of walls where the paint was consumed by the fire, removing smoke smell, installing new wall paper where it got burnt, replacing carpets and dry walls and at times, even reconstruction of various rooms in the home. When you have a qualified fire damage restoration company handling the process for you, you do not need to worry about the outcome of the process. You can be assured that the restoration company will do a great job of fire cleanup, removing the excess water and repairing the entire system. Take time and select a reliable commercial fire damage company for the best board up,fire damage and restoration services.
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Tips on Lessening Mold Growth

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Tips on Lessening Mold Growth

As home owners, there are many issues that we may face in an effort to maintain the integrity of the property, and unfortunately, there is a wide array of issues that may occur without warning. One of the most common, and regrettably, most costly issues that may arise is mold growth, particularly black mold.

Mold growth is often unexpected, and because mildew and fungus can grow at an exponential rate, often taking only a few days to create a serious problem, such as dry rot. Mildew and fungus buildup can occur any place that has consistent moisture, such as a leaky drain pipe or standing water. When dealing with mold damage and mold removal, the first step is usually to contact your insurance company in order to get them up to speed. When speaking with your insurance company concerning mold removal and mold damage, it is necessary to detail the issue as thoroughly as possible in order to increase the chances of mold damage mitigation. Once you have contacted your local insurance company, the mold removal and remediation process can begin. Your insurance company will normally work hand in hand with a commercial mold damage removal company in your area and should be able to recommend a company that can adequately complete the commercial mold damage process. When searching for a restoration company for commercial mold damage removal, it is imperative that you gain a full understanding of the services that they provide, as some companies may only be required to assess and treat the mildew, black mold, and fungus buildup, but may not be required by law to treat the residual damages caused by the mold growth. The deodorization process should also be discussed, as it may vary from company to company.

In order to take on the extra repairs, the restoration company that you choose must be licensed by the state of origin. Remember, the insurance company, as well as the restoration company, both work for you, so detailing the situation as thoroughly as possible, as well as gaining a full understanding of each party’s responsibility, including your own, will help to increase the chances of mold damage mitigation.

Mold growth, due to its unpredictable nature, can occur nearly anywhere in the home, and black mold, fungus, as well as mildew, can create many side-effects, including smelly odor that may complicate remediation. At times, this smelly odor will be discovered prior to the black mold itself, indicating that there may be mold growth behind a wall or mold growth in an area that is blocked by natural barriers to the home. If there is mold growth behind the wall or another barrier, this could lead to separate issues, including increased costs from a leaking roof or pipe. If there is suspected mold growth behind a wall, due to smelly odor, this should be detailed when you discuss your situation with the insurance company and the restoration company to decrease the time table for remediation and for mitigation. Smelly odor can be a sign of mold growth behind the wall or could be a sign of a more serious problem, such as dry rot. While dry rot is often a problem that occurs over time, it can lead to structural failure in your home or business; issues that will almost certainly lead to the need for a company separate from the commercial mold damage removal company to complete your needs. Once dry rot begins to set in, time becomes a more considerable factor and the possibility for mitigation decreases ever the more.

When dealing with mold in the home, one of the final steps necessary is the deodorization of the premises. Depending on the level of black mold in the home, the deodorization process will vary, and the company that you choose is also a factor. Mold in the home should always be addressed by professionals, especially when dealing with deodorization, as normal household treatments are usually not very effective, only masking the odors. With mold in the home, mold removal and remediation can be a stringent process that is very time sensitive.
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The Need for Professional Water Damage Restoration

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The Need for Professional Water Damage Restoration

When pipe break or supply line break occurs, or when a storm hits an area, water in home or water in business can quickly become a problem.

Water damage restoration is the process of cleaning and drying a flooded home or business, to return it back to its original condition. It prevents further damage by taking fast, appropriate actions. Let the water cleanup professionals at a reliable restoration company get your business or home back to normal as quickly as possible.

Flood damage and water in home or business can cause a significant amount of damage to a home, business and personal belongings. Water mitigation is needed after a pipe break, a supply line break, plumbing failures or when flood damage occurs in a home or business. Soaked rugs, ruined furniture, warped flooring and damaged walls are only the beginning if water cleanup is not engaged quickly.

Specific steps are taken to minimize property destruction, to prevent additional water or flood damage and to restore the property to its pre-damage state.

Get It Done Right

If an unfortunate disaster like supply line break, pipe break, flooded home or water in business does happen to you, seek professional service from a restoration company. Make sure to act quickly when flooded home or water in business is discovered and contact a trusted restoration company for the most effective water cleanup and drying.

Mitigation professionals can quickly pinpoint what items in the home or business are compromised by water damage. Items like pillows, mattresses, particle board, and box springs trap more moisture than other materials and may need to be discarded. A business or home owner can prepare for professional water cleanup and drying by getting discarding these items prior to the arrival of the technicians, but make sure the items are properly recorded and itemized for insurance purposes before disposing.

Steps taken by professionals as soon as they are contacted for water in home or business or water damage mitigation:

Inspection: The first step mitigation professionals take is to thoroughly inspect the flooded home or business and determine the extent of the damage. They also check for pipe break and supply line break. Each inspection defines the class and category of flood damage and helps outline the most effective way to restore the property.

Water Removal: Water damage restoration begins with water removal. This is the process where all excess water is extracted from the property. They use high-powered wet/dry vacs and pumps and to get the job done. This process includes removing carpeting, furniture and other items from the affected area so they can be dried and cleaned. They will also haul away items that need to be discarded due to excessive damage.

Structural Drying: Once water removal has been completed, the next step in the water remediation process is structural drying. Dehumidifiers and high quality machines are used to dry anything that can be saved. Heavy-duty fans are strategically placed throughout the property for optimal results. Professionals also know how to get into every hard to reach areas to make sure it is completely dry.

Cleaning and Odor Removal: Special cleaners and disinfectants are used to sanitize the area. This removes all odors and leave only a fresh, light scent behind. The clean scent of the cleaning materials is not overpowering and it doesn't just cover up the bad smell of flood damage.

Restoration: After the cleaning, drying and sanitation have been completed, the repair or reconstruction work can begin. This process may mean roof repair or re-tiling or painting or rebuilding walls or floors.


Water in home, water in business, pipe break or flood damage can cause valuable objects to become permanently damaged, if mitigation is delayed. Don’t trust just anyone to handle water damage restoration. It is recommended to contact a restoration company with a team of certified water cleanup professionals.
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